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KOTFA (= Korea Travel Fair) – 여러 관광전시회 개최사

[한국관광협회중앙회] 전 회장 신중목 박사는 우리나라 관광업계의 전시회 개최를 위해서 다년간 활동하여 성공리에 발전을 도모하고 있다. 2018년도의 국내 여러 관광 및 건강 전시회들을 어려운 여건 하에 잘 개최되고 있다. / www.kotfa.co.kr

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BITF ‘18/ 20 부산국제관광전 / www.bitf.co.kr  
(The 20th Busan International Travel Fair)

:  2018 9 7() ~ 9 10() / 4일간

장 소 :  벡스코 제(Bexco), 1전시장 3홀

행사규모 : 세계 40여 개국, 250여개 업체/기관, 430부스 (참가)

주 최 : 부산광역시

준 비:  KOTFA 사무국

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2019년도는 아래와 같이 개최될 예정이다

34 한국국제관광전

(The 32st Korea World Travel Fair)

일 시 : 2019년 6월6일 (목) – 9일 (일요일) / 4일간

장 소 : COEX A Hall, 1st Floor

주최 홈페이지 : www.kotfa.co.kr   


Korea is a perfect destination

Easy Access and Convenient Transportation

More than 70 international airlines operate flights to Korea from more than 170 cities in 60 countries. Transportation network includes domestic airlines, highways and rail services that ensure on-time arrival. The railway network in Korea has also been enhanced by the construction of a high-speed train, the Korea Train Express (KTX), which can attain speeds as fast as 300km/hr and runs through the heart of the peninsula, connecting all major cities within a two-hour range.

Comfortable and Affordable Accommodations

Boasting more than 620 hotels and 67’000 rooms, Korea offers a wide range of choices from clean budget inns to deluxe hotels managed by international chains such as the Ritz-Carlton, Intercontinental, Hilton, Hyatt and Marriot. Hotels operated by local chains such as the Shilla and Lotte also offer facilities and services second-on-none.

To experience the local culture, exciting Hanok homestay programs are available at very attractive prices. Hanok are traditional Korean homes from decades to hundreds of years old, built based on fengshui principles and focusing on both practical use and beauty. Feel the inspiring, natural energy of Korea in these eco-friendly structures constructed with natural materials such as rocks, soil and wood 

Eco Tourism

There are many ecologically sound sightseeing opportunities for you to take part in during your stay in Korea. Enjoy the incredible biodiversity of plants and animals in Suncheon’s tidal flats and need fields, which were chosen to represent Korea on the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). 

Modern Cities

Forest of buildings and advanced high technology complexes mingling with the mountains and the sea creates a unique environment that reflects the distinctive enthusiasm and dedication of the Koreans. Boasting the best airport in the world, KTX bullet train that connects to all parts of the country, and creating a global pop culture phenomenon of Hallyu (Korean Waves), Korea is quick to develop and implement new trends to its cities to make it exciting and unforgettable. 

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

While many people are aware of Korean’s long history and rich traditions, they are still amazed, upon visiting, at the profound beauty of the country’s natural, history and cultural relics, which remain despite a turbulent history. Korea is home to seven World Cultural Heritages, one World Natural Heritage, six Documentary Heritages and three World Intangible Heritages.

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Korean Convention Centers

COEX Seoul (Exhibition size: 36’027 m2) / www.coex.co.kr

BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center) / www.bexco.co.kr

CECO (Changwon Exhibition Convention Center) / www.ceco.co.kr

EXCO (Daegu Exhibition Convention Center / www.excodaegu.co.kr

DCC (Daejeon Convention ) / www.dcckorea.or.kr

KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) Ilsan / www.kintex.com

Songdo ConvensiA Incheon / www.songdoconvensia.com

ICC Jeju (International Convention Center Jeju) / www.iccjeju.co.kr

Kimdaejung Convention Center Kwangju / www.kdjcenter.or.kr

Gyeongju Convention Center (expected to be completed 2014) 

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