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Baltic Sea (발틱해) – 동서유럽의 화합해상 관광교류로!

발트해 (: Baltisches Meer)는 큰 북유럽의 바다로, 스칸디나비아 반도북유럽 (Denmark, Finland, Sweden),  동유럽 (Russis, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania),  중앙유럽 (Germany, Poland) 그리고 덴마크의섬들로둘러싸인 바다를 말한다. 카테가트Kattegat 해협스카게라크Skagerrak 해협을 통해 북해·대서양과연결되며, 킬 운하를 통해 북해와 연결된다. 

이 지역 협력을 위한 2014-2020의 프로그램이 연장 추진되고 있다. /    http://eu.baltic.net

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Ferry Lines in BalticSea – 발틱해의유람선과페리

The countries of the Baltic Sea Region have joined forces in order to create a cruise option with fully integrated operations between ports and cities. The Baltic Sea offers an unseen variety of destinations, sights and adventures for everyone. And with the region’s exciting history, rich traditions and spectacular nature, Cruise Baltic invites to a cruise experience out of the ordinary where you can visit 10 countries on a string and experience oceans of adventures.

Scandlines (Denmark) / www.scandlines.dk

Stena Line (Sweden) / www.stenaline.se

Ferrycenter (Finnland) / www.ferrycenter.fi

Finnlines (Finnland) / www.finnlines.com/ferry-trips

Tallinksilja Line / www.tallinksilja.com/en

Viking Line / www.vikingline.com/en 

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Major cities and towns around the Baltic Sea include:(Wikipedia서)

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Stockholm / www.eurasiatour.info/index.php/europe/361-e

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