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스위스에는 주립대학교이 10개와 국립대학교가  2개 있다. 주립대학교은 스위스의 주 [Canton]의 재정지원으로 운영되는 대학교로 독어권에서는 5개 주립 대학교로 바셀 (Basel) 대학교, 베른 대학교, 루체른대학교, 쌍트 갈렌대학교 (독어와 영어로 강의 실시함)와 취리히대학교이다. 불어권에는4개로  제네바대학교, 로잔대학교, 프라이부르크대학교 (불어와 독어로 강의 함)와 뇌샤텔대학교이다. 그리고 이탈리아어 권에서는 루가노대학교가 하나 있다.  

스위스 연방 정부에 속한 대학교로 독어권에 취리히연방공과대학교(독어와 영어로 강의함)와 불어권에 로잔연방공과대학교가 있다. 가장 오랜 역사를 가진 대학교는 바젤대학교으로 1460년에 설립 되었으며 가장 짧은 역사를 가진 대하교는 루체른 대학교로 2000년에 설립이 되었다. 그리고 가장 큰 대학은 [취리히 주립대학교]로 2만6천명의 학생들이 수학하고 있다. /   Wikipedia의 웹사이트 참조   -


취리히 대학교 (University of Zurich)

 (c)KyotoUniversity – 스위스 최대 대학교 [취리히대학교] 본관의 건물의 모습

취리히 대학교는 1833년에 설립된 주립대학교로 스위스의 대학교로서는 최대의 큰 대학교이다. 위의 심포지엄 때 영문으로 소개한 것을 아래와 같이 인용한다. /  


Established in 1833, the University of Zurich is Switzerland's largest university and offers the most comprehensive academic program in the country. Students can choose from over 130 different fields of study at one of the University's seven faculties. UZH consistently ranks among the best universities in the world and has achieved international renown in the fields of medicine, immunology, neuroscience, structural biology, and economics.


UZH has a strong commitment to the free and open pursuit of scholarship. The University fosters free dialogue, respects the individual characteristics of the disciplines, and advances interdisciplinary work. The University acknowledges that academic freedom call for a high degree of responsibility, including reflection on the ethical implications of research activities for humans, animals, and the environment.


UZH has established twelve University Research Priority Programs (URPP), which are designed to create and promote interdisciplinary academic networks in selected areas of research. The University is leading house at six National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR) and is affiliated with another twelve. UZH and neighboring university ETH Zurich collaborate in several joint Centers of Competence to realize high-quality research.

... and Teaching

Uniting scientific findings and teaching has been the standing tradition at the Univercity of Zurich since its foundation. Its Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs not only bear testimony to the University's academic excellence, but also reflect its focus on innovation: All UZH programs of study are guided by the principles of research-based teaching and place great value on engaging UZH students in research at an early stage of their careers.

International Cooperation

The University of Zurich has an international reputation for excellence. lt cooperates in cutting-edge research and teaching activities with leading universities and scholarly netwoks worldwide. The University also works with industry, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations across the globe. lts excellent reputation and top intastructure are reasons why many of the world's most eminent scholars choose UZH to carry out their research.

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취리히연방공과대학교 (ETHZ)

 (c)Google Bild - 취리히연방공과대학 (ETHZ)의 본관 건물 

ETH (Eidgenosische Technische Hochschule) Zurich is one of the world's leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences. It is well-known for its excellent education, ground-breaking fundamental research and for transferring its research results into practice. lt offers researchers an inspiring working environment and its students a comprehensive education.

Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich today has some 18,000 students from over 100 different countries, 3,800 of whom are doctoral students. About 500 professors teach and conduct research in the areas of engineering, architecture, mathematics, natural sciences, system-oriented sciences, and management and social sciences. ETH Zurich regularly appears at the top of international rankings as one of the best universities in the world. 21 Nobel Laureates have studied, taught or conducted research at ETH Zurich, underlining the excellent reputation of the institute.

The transfer of research outcomes to the economy and society at large is a key concern of ETH Zurich. It does this very successfully: each year some 80 new patent applications are filed and since 1996, over 260 spin-off companies have emerged out of research done by ETH faculty, research staff or students.

ETH Zurich helps to find long-term solutions to global challenges. The focal points of its research include energy supply, risk management, developing the cities of the future, global food securi§ and human health. /

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로잔 연방공과대학교 (EPFL)

로잔연방공과대학 (프: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL)은 스위스 · 보(Voud) 주의 수도인 로잔에는 주립 로잔대학교 (University of Lausanne)로잔연방공학대학이 있다. 연방공과대학은 1853 년에 사립 학교로 창설되고, 1869 년에 공립이 되었다. 스위스 연방 정부의 밑에 들어가 있으며, 현재 이름으로 된 것은 1969 년이다. 영문으로 간단히 소개된 것을 인용하면 다음과 같다. /

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